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Gamestormers and Sloane are Out in the Wild

Gamestormers in the Wild Photo

Our daughter, Sloane, loves going out and about in the world. She loves splashing about during swim lessons. She digs the weekly songs and crafting activities at library story time. And don’t get me started on a good playground – Sloane is in heaven. In short, Sloane is out in the wild!

Sloane at our Noble Knight Launch Event

Just like Sloane, Gamestormers is now out in the wild. Our board game, which started as nothing more than an idea in the winter of 2020, shipped out to hundreds of our supporters and pre-orders this month. We also had the fantastic opportunity to have a launch event at our friendly local game store, Noble Knight Games. It was incredible to share Gamestormers with so many folks during the event!

Jon explaining Gamestormers to a crowd

What’s even more incredible is that Gamestormers is arriving in classrooms all over the world! We have received so many incredible stories and photos of educators, librarians, and administrators using Gamestormers in their school, library, or district. Seeing students play the game and generate such incredible ideas and discussions fills me with joy.

Students playing Gamestormers to generate game ideas.

Gamestormers is finally in the hands of our wonderful supporters, pre-orders, and districts. We’re out in the wild. And we’re incredibly thankful for all of your support, feedback, and ideas. Please let us know what your successes, insights, and recommendations are as we continue to design games for both educational AND casual gamers. Thank you!

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