Sloane & Gamestormers Stand on Their Own

Although it is always exciting to see your baby hit milestones, I do think that baby Sloane’s most recent accomplishment is a bit concerning.

Sloane is standing on her own.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy! But it’s the way in which she’s standing. She’s fearless. It starts as pulling herself up on a shelf or ottoman or couch. But then, she just … lets go. And wobbles. And wobbles. And falls. As a parent, you dread the falls. But the falls have to happen for her to stand on her own.

Much like Sloane, Gamestormers, the game where you design a game to win the game, is ready to stand on its own. What does it mean for a game to stand on its own? It means that the game has gone through rigorous playtesting, feedback, and iterations, and it is getting close to being ready for public release. It means the game has finalized the majority of its components, which you can check out below! And, most importantly, the game is ready to bring something new to the board game scene.

“What’s in the Box”

It is incredible to me how far Gamestormers has come. I can still remember the first version of the game, then called Gamestorm Planet, came to me in January of 2021. Fast forward a year later, and I have a wonderful art team (thanks OwlGhost Studio), a nearly-final prototype, and a great group of people following the project. In addition, I have momentum – all of the professional feedback, support, and beautiful art makes me motivated to help Gamestormers stand on its own.

And, of course, I’m motivated by Sloane. When this project started, my wife was still pregnant with her. But when I first saw her, I knew I never wanted to let her down. I wanted to ensure that I set a good example, and Gamestormers is that opportunity. To show Sloane just how much she has inspired me during this project, I made her the cover character in the game – Sloane the Summoner!

Sloane the Summoner and baby Sloane.

The next chapter for both Sloane and Gamestormers is exciting, yet scary. Sloane is ready to take her first steps. Next she’ll be exploring words, then sentences. I’m thrilled for the next steps, but there’s always a nagging question of whether I’m ready to be a dad for those upcoming stages of Sloane’s life.

Gamestormers is in a similar phase. The next steps include printing nearly final prototypes to give to reviewers, sharing the Kickstarter Pre-launch page with interested individuals, and showcasing the game at conferences. I am thrilled at the opportunity to get people fired up for the Kickstarter (launching April 5th!), but I am scared too – is the game ready? Is it going to be funded? Will people enjoy it like they have in playtests?

You cannot avoid these next stages in your children or in your passion projects. Instead, you’ve got to trust your instincts and surround yourself with good people. And, you’ve got to trust the people and projects you love to stand on their own.

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