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Gamestormers Visits Elementary School!

Kids playing Gamestormers

I had the fantastic opportunity to visit a local elementary school over the summer to visit their Strategic Games classes. In the summer class, kiddos ages 7-10 gather to play a variety of titles such as Stratego, Blokus, Mastermind, Risk, Chess, and more. The… Continue Reading “Gamestormers Visits Elementary School!”

Doomscroll Visits Protospiel Milwaukee

Doomscroll Prototype

I feel absolutely spoiled to have not one, but two fantastic game designer events in south-central Wisconsin – Protospiels Madison and Milwaukee! I just got back from a day at Protospiel Milwaukee, an event where designers share their game prototypes for feedback and then… Continue Reading “Doomscroll Visits Protospiel Milwaukee”

Gamestormers and Sloane are Out in the Wild

Gamestormers in the Wild Photo

Our daughter, Sloane, loves going out and about in the world. She loves splashing about during swim lessons. She digs the weekly songs and crafting activities at library story time. And don’t get me started on a good playground – Sloane is in heaven.… Continue Reading “Gamestormers and Sloane are Out in the Wild”

Gamestormers and Sloane Have Arrived

Sloane and Gamestormers Arrived Cover

My daughter, Sloane, never ceases to amaze me each day. She is going to turn two years old in a month-and-a-half, and each day Sloane surprises me with a new skill or saying. On Monday, she will count up to 14 stacked cups. On… Continue Reading “Gamestormers and Sloane Have Arrived”

Using Game Design & Gamestormers to Teach Any Subject

Gamestormers Assets

When I present ideas about how to design games to various organizations and educators, a common question pops up: but how does game design fit MY subject area or age level? Incredibly, game design and playful learning integrate seamlessly into teaching just about anything.… Continue Reading “Using Game Design & Gamestormers to Teach Any Subject”

Gamestormers at Madison Protospiel 2022

Protospiel Madison

Last year, I attended my first Protospiel event in Madison, WI. For those of you who might not be familiar, a protospiel is a gathering of board/card game designers, playtesters, publishers, and media members all trying out each others’ game prototypes. The system is… Continue Reading “Gamestormers at Madison Protospiel 2022”

Gamestormers and Sloane are Growing Up Fast

My daughter, Sloane, recently turned a year-and-a-half old. Although it may not seem like a very big milestone, I am incredibly impressed with how much she has changed in the past few months. Sloane repeats and remembers so many different phrases, like calling our… Continue Reading “Gamestormers and Sloane are Growing Up Fast”

Gamestormers and Baby Sloane are Talking

Sloane and Gamestormers

My daughter, Sloane, is officially busting out words on a regular basis. When she wants to hop into my arms, she announces “up!” When she wants to say hi to our lab, Mozzie, she says “Ozzie!” Water, of course, is “Wowie.” Lots and lots… Continue Reading “Gamestormers and Baby Sloane are Talking”

Gamestormers (and Sloane) Took Their First Steps

My daughter, Sloane, has been flirting with taking her first steps these past few weeks. She easily pulls herself up from sitting, wobbles a bit, and then sits down. Each time, she cracks a smile… almost as if she knows that she can do… Continue Reading “Gamestormers (and Sloane) Took Their First Steps”

Lessons We Can Learn from from Wordle

Unless you’ve been without internet access for the past three months, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon Wordle, the addictive, once-a-day word puzzle game that is one part Mastermind, one part Hangman. Although Wordle itself is not a new game concept per se,… Continue Reading “Lessons We Can Learn from from Wordle”