Gamestormers and Sloane are Growing Up Fast

My daughter, Sloane, recently turned a year-and-a-half old. Although it may not seem like a very big milestone, I am incredibly impressed with how much she has changed in the past few months. Sloane repeats and remembers so many different phrases, like calling our dog Mozzie “Ozzie” or saying “whoa” about each new discovery. She also loves to sing – she sings while brushing her teeth, sorting through her books, or stacking cups.

In short, Sloane is growing up so fast! And, much like Sloane, our first commercial board game, Gamestormers, is growing up incredibly fast as well. Gamestormers was first conceived in December 2019 as a game where you design a game narrative to win the game. Besides that goal, the game has changed and evolved so much from the first version to the current version. Just like my daughter has gained so much personality and vocabulary, Gamestormers has continued to develop into a fantastic game about creating your own design idea.

And now, after nearly three years of development, I got to hold the pre-production copy of Gamestormers in my hand, fresh from our manufacturer in Shanghai. The pre-production copy is essentially the second-to-final version of the game where we look for any errors, issues, or typos in the game. To say I was excited about getting to hold the close-to-done copy of the game in my hands would be a major understatement. I was absolutely elated. You can watch the video of me unboxing the pre-production copy of Gamestormers for the first time below.

I’m incredibly proud of the growth that both my daughter, Sloane, and Gamestormers have made the past few years. It has been so very rewarding watching both continue to surprise me each day. And, for Gamestormers, the wait to play the final product is almost over! We’ve officially approved the pre-production copy, and mass production is now under way. Once mass production finishes, the game will head across the sea, ride up to our fulfillment center, and then ship out to all of our wonderful supporters. We cannot wait for you to play Gamestormers – thank you for your enthusiasm over this project!

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