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It Takes a Village to Make a Game

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a family who supports my dream of making Gamestormers a reality. Whether it is sharing social media posts, telling friends about the game’s progress, or lending a hand with baby Sloane or Mozzie the pup, my parents, in-laws, and… Continue Reading “It Takes a Village to Make a Game”

The Excitement of Unboxing – Babies, Board Games & More!

It’s 11:30 PM at night, and I can hardly sleep. No, my nearly 5-month-old daughter, Sloane, is fast asleep. My black lab, Mozzie, is under our kitchen table in a heap. So why am I still up? Adrenaline. Excitement. The joy of unboxing something… Continue Reading “The Excitement of Unboxing – Babies, Board Games & More!”

Enjoying the Journey With Gamestormers and Baby Sloane

Earlier this week, I hosted the weekly Gamestorming livestream with my lead artist and guest, Vika Fajardo. She shared some of the key aspects of finding success on creative projects, and one she emphasized really resonated with me: enjoying the journey. Too often, we… Continue Reading “Enjoying the Journey With Gamestormers and Baby Sloane”

Kids – and game kits – are a beautiful mess

During the past year, my wife and I decided to go all in on the new adventures. We picked up our adorable black lab, Mozzie, in September of 2020. In January of 2021, I started work on my first commercial board game, Gamestormers. And,… Continue Reading “Kids – and game kits – are a beautiful mess”

Designing for Your End Users – True for Games AND Babies

Baby Sloane helped her mom and dad play Gamestormers, our board game coming out next year, this past weekend. It was so fantastic seeing the creative games made, the strategies discussed, and also what changes I still needed to make to fine-tune the game… Continue Reading “Designing for Your End Users – True for Games AND Babies”

Sloane is Rolling and so is Gamestormers Playtesting!

My daughter, Sloane, is now about three months old. She somehow sleeps through the whole night (naps are another story), smiles when I try to work her name into everyday songs (“Sloane sets the city on fire” has been a hit of late), and… Continue Reading “Sloane is Rolling and so is Gamestormers Playtesting!”

Gamestormers: A Promise to My Daughter

I became a father this past April. To be honest, you never really know how you’ll react to fatherhood until you’re seeing your child for the first time and realize that they’re the best thing you’ll ever do. Though the thought is sobering, it… Continue Reading “Gamestormers: A Promise to My Daughter”